Transhumance is a short documentary telling the story of a 2000 year old tradition, in the Cevennes, South of France. The film follows the story of husband and wife, Jean Paul and Lucette, and the small shepherd community, on their yearly trek from lowlands, up through the mountains. This film captures the highs, lows and adventures that happen each summer during the migration of nearly 2000 bell-clad and decorated sheep. However, can such an old colourful tradition continue?

The Team

Isabelle Rose Povey | Director, Camera + Editor
Jamie Donne-David | 2nd Camera & Location Sound 
Jeremy Belshaw | In-country Coordinator
Marion Lavabre | Anthropologist & 2nd Camera
Radhika Patel | Colourist
Adam Wickens | Post Production Sound Design
Samuel Pek Chai Teo | Motion Graphics

Original Music | Tornamai

Funding | The Gane Trust

Poster | Eleanor Shakespeare


Official Selection 2014 

UWE Creative Sustainability Prize 2014