The world is in a plastic crisis and people across the UK are demanding change. Globally, over 350 milliontonnes of plastic are created each year, and the failure to manage the enormous waste is having disastrous effects on human health and ecosystems worldwide.

To address this crisis, Greenpeace x Everyday Plastic launched the biggest ever investigation into household plastics, to get to grips with the scale of plastic use in the UK. 

The Big Plastic Count took place for one week in May 2022, with participants recording how much plastic packaging they threw in the bin or recycling, and what type. The results were then submitted to Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic for analysis. An astonishing 248,957 people from 97,948 households across the UK took part in the count. This included 9,427 school students and 36 MPs.

In collaboration with purpose-driven agency, Enviral, I produced the 3 campaign videos; the launch video, the how-to film and the results video. 

As well as producing these videos, I photographed behind-the-scenes on set, in addition to making portraits of Chris Packham at his home, taking part in the count. I produced a short social media video of Chris Packham explaining why taking part in The Big Plastic Count was so important to him. You can watch this video here.