“For my whole life I have had these crooked fingers, but never really got to the bottom of what was wrong with them. In the past couple of years they have started to ache, feel weaker and get more bent so I decided to try and find out what was wrong with them. Each person I saw was diagnosing me with a different thing and passing me on to another person, so I asked Isabelle to document them to really see how they looked, and if I can distinguish any changes myself. Although at the end of process I was diagnosed with Flexion Contractures and primary Raynauds, I still don’t think we have the whole story.”

This is a photo story that I was commissioned to document, capturing Rachel's beautiful hands. The photographs were taken to help with the investigations as to why her hands are changing and causing her pain. I also wanted the images to show how beautiful our hands are and that we must not take them for granted. You are the only one who knows your body and I was encouraged and inspired by the way Rachel continues to search for answers to why her hands are changing and causing pain.