FEATURE: The Secret Isle of Skomer

This week, my first piece of travel writing has been featured on ROAM Magazine. ROAM publish stories, photography and guides from around the world, focusing on the cultures and people who make each trip. This year I set myself the challenge to develop my writing skills to sit alongside my photography, and try and get a feature. I was over the moon when they selected my piece ’The Secret Isle of Skomer’. It is a magical place. I’d love to know what you think.

Read the full article here.

Keeping up-to-date…

Where does the time go?! In January I set myself the big job of updating my website…it’s now almost June and I still haven’t completed the update! However, I can’t complain as it’s great to be busy. So far this year I’ve worked on multiple edits, produced a film for the World Health Assembly and traveled to Nepal to create a film for WaterAid. 

In the meantime, you can see what I’m up to on my Instagram. I’m loving doing the Insta Stories!

Michael’s Story, Vanilla Bear Films

Recently, I worked with Vanilla Bear Films to produce a film called ‘Michael’s Story’.

Michael was like any other 21 year old, until one unfortunate moment changed the course of his life. But what could’ve been a devastating and isolating accident…wasn’t. And with the love and support of his friends and family, and the innovation of technology, Michael lives a full and happy life. This is his story.

It was one of the first times working with the Vanilla Bear guys - and what a brilliant team to work with. I love their approach to storytelling and I think that shines through in this production. See some BTS photos below & watch the making of here.

I came in as Producer and Photographer (…and as a step in actor, but I didn’t make the cut!) on this project. I loved location scouting for the shoot and taking portraits of Michael. He was such an excellent human and super to work with. I was completely amazed by the Tobii Dynavox technology and how it can transform everyday life and bring independence.

Check out Vanilla Bear’s great blog with more details on the inspiration, storytelling and fun interactive techy colour grade examples -

For more about Tobii Dynavox and the work they do –

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